Sirona 3D Imaging

An assistant takes a 3D image of a patients' mouth

3-D Imaging with Sirona's Gallileos allows for incredible 3-D scans of your orofacial complex. This is an advanced machine that can help dentists detect and diagnose potential oral problems. The Galileos 3-D scans capture the whole tooth jawed area, including the ascending rami and sinus region, in just 14 seconds. For the first time, patients can see their anatomy in an accurate, real-life perspective to help understand their own oral health. The 3-D imaging machine can be used for a variety of circumstances, including detecting serious oral problems earlier and accurate dental implant placement.


Many adults are unhappy with their smiles, but are hesitant to correct them because of metal braces. At Earp Dentistry, we offer the Invisalign® option for invisible braces. The dentist creates customized, clear alignment trays that are worn over a period of time to invisibly straighten teeth. The trays are made of clear, medical-grade plastic that is virtually invisible, so the patient won’t suffer from the embarrassment of having metal wires in his mouth. Schedule an appointment with one of our dentists to discuss which option is right for you

Microscope Dentistry

At Earp Dentistry, our use of microscope enhanced dentistry enables us to provide a higher standard of care. Microscope dentistry allows doctors to see 20x the magnification levels of dentists using dental loupes (magnification glasses). The significant visibility enhancement means quality care because it is easier to see, catch, and address possible problems before they get worse. Small problems are much easier and more comfortable to treat, and microscope dentistry allows us to catch the problems before they become large and require more invasive treatment. Visit our office and see what a difference microscope enhanced dentistry can make for you and your smile.

Laser Treatments

Lasers are a versatile form of treatment that can host tooth and soft tissue procedures, often times with no need for anesthesia. Lasers, which are essentially concentrated beams of light, provide great precision for dental procedures, an advantage to both dentists and patients. The heat of the laser simultaneously seals blood vessels, which minimizes or eliminates bleeding during procedures, as well as swelling afterwards. Many patients who undergo laser dental treatment are amazed at the difference this technology makes in their comfort during procedures. Advantages of laser dentistry include minimal or no anesthesia, minimal bleeding, less change of infection, less pain, reduced time in the dentist's office and no noise like the traditional dentist drill. Laser treatments are safe for both children and adults.

A dentist explains an X-ray to a patient

Digital Imaging and Intra Oral Imaging

With the help of an intraoral camera, the Earp Dentistry team can see everything happening in a patient's mouth. The camera is the same size and shape as a dental mirror, but has a built-in light source and zoom in up to 25x magnification. These images are then displayed on a television or computer monitor. This technology helps the dentist, and also the patient, see the patient's mouth and teeth on a larger scale.